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All Little Sugar Plum designs are my own work and are protected under "Design Right" and remains intellectual property which means that to use my designs or names for any purpose without my permission would be an infringement of UK Patent Law.

The images, text and information used on this website, my Little Sugar Plums Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, blog and any other webpage and social media platform are for informational purposes only and are automatically protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. They should NOT be downloaded, copied or printed for any purpose without prior written consent.

Any infringement of design right or copyright (such as use by other doll makers or crafters) would entitle Little Sugar Plums to take civil action in court with a view to seeking damages.

Little Sugar Plums, Little Sugar Plum Dolls, Plushie Plum Dolls, Rosie Ribbon Dolls, Melody Mermaids and Sugar Plum Fairy Dolls are also my copyrighted branded names and are owned by us. The use of Little Sugar Plums with our logo image also belongs to us, any use of Little Sugar Plums as a logo or name must first have written approval from us. All rights reserved.

Material from Little Sugar Plums including its logo and what it appears on must not be used or stored on other websites or by any other person(s) without our written consent and to do so will make you liable to prosecution.